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Blending diverse indie rock influences into catchy pop nuggets, Phantom Heart is a Minneapolis four-piece formed by Ben Mouritsen (bass/guitar/drums), Brian Perry (drums/guitar), David Leduc (vocals/guitar/keys), and Joe Capacete (vocals/guitar/keys). As a band of multi-instrumentalists, they often switch roles during live shows, reflecting the varied tones of the songs that make up their set. Their sound takes elements of 2010's dance rock, early 2000's punk pop, and 90's alternative and stitches them together with atmospheric synths and sing-along vocals. The result is an arsenal of songs that are as anthemic as they are intimately familiar. 

The band has released a collection of singles that showcase their varied interests: From the power-pop epic "1962" to the hopeful and anthemic "We Are". From the pulsating "The City" to the groove-laden "Stone Arch". From the lush overdrive of "Fix" to the neon pyrotechnics of "Ashes".

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