My work explores the relationship between man-made structures and the surrounding landscape.  The creations of man are dwarfed by the magnitude of the earth and sky, but yet humanity’s impact is profound.  I express both my admiration for invention and design and deference for natural order and beauty.  I am interested in the cycle of creation and decay.  Impermanence, change, the constant movement of unseen forces, control, and chaos are all themes I use in my paintings.


I am a painter of city scenes and views that inspire me.  In a sense, I am a traditional landscape painter, but I choose not to ignore the power lines, signs, roads, and buildings that break up the natural surroundings.  I see the proud, deliberate, and measured uniformity of the new and also the broken, cracked, and rotted irregularity of the old.  I see beauty in it all and it frightens me at the same time.


I have maintained these themes in my paintings for years, but I witness my own change.  Simplified abstractions have become more realistically rendered and controlled.  I’ve slowly adopted a more local color pallette.  All the while, I’ve worked toward limiting control in other parts of my paintings and allowed for more subtle but purposeful manipulation of color and texture.  I hope to demonstrate my reverence for our natural world and seek harmony in our modern landscape.