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As a life long musician, Brian has been performing music since he was a teenager playing with his pals in rock bands. When he moved to the Twin Cities, a band called Disaster Birds was born. Playing folk/indie music alongside old college friends (Jessica Perry, Jim Schloemer, Tim Welch, Trevor Huinker, Joseph Anderson, Joey Engelhart, and Blake Simmons) the band experienced some success in the local Minneapolis music scene.  

As Disaster Birds ended and Better Years began, a more "rock-based Disaster Bird" emerged. Today Brian fronts Better Years with introspective, emotive lyrics and heavy, expressive guitar tone. Alongside him, Jim Schloemer (guitar/vocals), Soren Tryggestad (bass), and Robb Lauer (drums) give the band definition and depth.


Brian has also been a drummer for 15+ years.  He drums for an indie pop/ rock band called Phantom Heart, fronted by David Leduc (vocals/guitar) and Joe Capacete (keys, guitar) alongside Ben Mouritsen (bass/drums).


With a solo album in the works, Brian plans to do some touring in the Midwest to explore new ventures that are solely his own.

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