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threads electric

New Single "The Tide" out October 13th!

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"Let my breath spill out, turn my bones to dust."


This haunting mantra serves as the heartbeat of Threads Electric, a Minneapolis indie pop duo (multi-instrumentalists, Joe Capacete and Brian Perry) unafraid to tread the dark, introspective corners of human experience with only catchy hooks as a flashlight.

Formed in 2022, Threads Electric emerged from the crucible of a world hushed by the echoes of a pandemic. Their music grapples with themes of mortality, self-realization, human connection, and the enigmatic dance between light and shadow. The band's sound projects these themes in widescreen. Dreamy synthscapes intertwine with lush guitar strums, and punchy drum grooves support anthemic pop vocals, creating a blend of sound and sentiment that is as evocative as it is exhilarating.


In the heart of their music lies a profound understanding: that the shadow of death makes the light of life burn brighter. It's a reminder that every fleeting moment is a precious gift, a chance to leave an imprint on the world just as those we've lost have made an imprint on us. Threads Electric invite listeners to sing along and join their musical journey. It's an invitation to not just hear, but to feel, to connect, and to reflect on the beauty and impermanence of it all.


Threads Electric are preparing to release a series of singles that conjure influences from the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Phoenix, Now Now, flor, and Michigander. The first of these singles, "The Tide", is an infectious pop anthem with an undercurrent of post-rock catharsis roiling just beneath the dance beat at the surface.


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